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The Power of a Thank You Note


Everyone knows the words “thank you” can mean so much.  It is just two little words, but they pack a powerful punch.  It seems that sometimes when you hear someone say thank you, it takes you back a bit. It could be that we don’t hear it often, or we don’t hear it often enough for the little things; holding the door open for someone, picking up something they have dropped, a small compliment, or letting someone go in front of you at the store because they only have one or two things to check out.  But you do a double-take with the backhanded thank you; you did not hold the door open for someone who had their hands full, or you hurried to get in front of someone at the check-out line when they only had one or two things.  Yep, we have all been guilty of deserving a backhanded thank you at some point.   

But recently I have become so much more aware of the power of a handwritten thank you note that I received in the mail. It seems like we have steered away from handwritten notes and cards and so when I receive it, it brings a smile. Someone somewhere thought long enough of me to write me a personal note. That makes it special. Usually the handwritten notes or cards I get are from my 92-year-old mother. She still sends me notes, articles and cards in the mail. I have, however, received a few thank you notes lately from some small business owners that I have done business with and it has made me realize the power of this small act.  

One was from a business course that I recently signed up for and the owner sent me a card with a note thanking me for my registration. They had asked a series of questions in a survey at registration and some were personal things – for example, what is your favorite way to spend a Saturday morning. I had responded sitting on my back patio with a cup of coffee and my two dogs, CJ and Simon. In the thank you note, she sent me a $5 Starbucks card to do just that – sit on my back patio with my two dogs, CJ and Simon. How cool is that and you know it made me feel so special and connected. I couldn’t wait to take the course and wanted to send a thank you note for the thank you note!! 😊   

Another was from a small business owner that I bought some beautiful décor books for as gifts.  The shop is on Etsy and I am including some pictures. I love these books and I bought a set for my mom because the song “It is Well with My Soul” was my Dad’s favorite song.  Not only were the books just what she had listed on her Etsy site, but they came with a handwritten thank you note.  Just that small gesture made it special to me. So much so, that I wrote her a note on her site and ordered more books as gifts for some of my friends.  Below is the link to her shop on Etsy.

Wahl to Wall Word Love

So, yes – the two small words of thank you are not only powerful but a gift you can give someone with a smile, and it will change the way they view you and your business.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just genuine. Keep it real and simple.  Take notice each day of the unimportant things that happen to deserve a thank you and speak it, not just think it (maybe not the backhanded thank you). I bet by the end of the day; you will be surprised at how many you said throughout the day.   

Oh, and THANK YOU for reading this blog, and I hope you will continue to be one of my tribe.   


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