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I’m a dedicated, working empty-nester, and in a family dynamic of males; my husband, three sons, and one cherished grandson, I occasionally like to indulge in some “girls, bling, and sparkle.” As a woman who has gracefully crossed the middle-aged milestone (well, maybe not so graceful), I possess an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, keeping a keen eye on the realms of technology, business, fashion, health, wellness, and much more. It’s this quest for sharing information that led me to embark on this blogging adventure, eager to share my discoveries with you.

By day, I work in the hospitality industry, and in my spare time, I dedicate myself to charitable volunteer work. My passion for life and the relentless pursuit of happiness continue to flourish with each passing year, igniting my desire to mentor, inspire, and infuse a dose of zing into every day. I’m thrilled to have you join me on this journey, and together, we’ll sprinkle a little more sparkle into our lives.

What Lights You Up?

Why I started Every Day Zing

What is it that lights you up? For me, it’s Every Day Zing. I love writing and sharing interests, thoughts and daily life. This site is an open and honest platform about how to make the best of what comes along. Every Day Zing is my passion project and with your help in sharing, we can light up your tribe of connections and friends.

I’ve come to realize the most important information I gain is from my family, friends, television and reading. It is a collective plethora of mismatched information with tips and tricks thrown in. I am a huge fan of taking what others have shared and making it my own or what works for me. I hope that you will do the same here with the information I share – make it your own and what works best for you.

So, welcome to the site and take what you need and use it for yourself and share it with others. We all need a little help in keeping up in today’s world, bringing peace to our lives, and having a little bit of fun.  Spread some Zing every day.

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